Vacuum Metallurgy

ALD - High-Tech Solutions for Metals under Vacuum

What do have vacuum and metals in common? 

Metals can be produced in absence of air, in vacuum, with higher purity and quality. ALD is one of the leading suppliers of corresponding vacuum furnaces and vacuum processes. We are operating in all fields of vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment with high-tech products and services. The use of these metal-making processes in modern, efficiently functioning production systems greatly reduces costs. The recycling of revert from the processing of costly materials contributes to the economy´s cost effectiveness.

Furnaces for production of ultrapure silicon blocks as a basic material for solar wafers are examples of our high end technology.

Remelting and Near Net Shape Technologies

Materials and Alloys

ALD‘s primary and remelting technologies produce high grade ultrapure materials and alloys and the semifinished products therof.



  • Highly alloyed special steels and special nickel based alloys (superalloys) (3)
  • Reactive metals like Titanium or Ti/Al (4)
  • Refractory metals like Tantalum, Molybdenum or Niobium (5)

 Semifinished Products

  • Blocks (6)
  • Investment castings or (7)
  • Metal powder (8)

Quality Features

  • Ultrahigh purity and (9)
  • a fine grain structure (10)
  • Precision castings with directional and single-crystal structures after controlled solidification (11)
  • and physical vapor deposited thermal barrier coatings (7)


The resulting materials and parts

  • of high strength and reliability add to demanding applications in the aerospace industries,
  • while the high-purity products contribute to new developments in electronics and offshore and energy applications.

Our Speciality

Each and every technology has its pros and cons, partially overlapping each other in their techno-economic potentials. Therefore, the proper selection of technology is the most demanding task the plant builder has to solve in close dialog with the producer of the materials and the consumer. This particular challenge is the keystone of the business philosophy of ALD Vacuum Technologies, Hanau / Germany. We are operating in all fields of vacuum metallurgy.

Vacuum metallurgy for the airplane of the future

Concealed behind the technical term, „vacuum melting and controlled solidification“ as well as „electron beam physical vapor deposition“ are path-breaking technologies for the energy saving airplane of the future. These vacuum metallurgical processes allow large-scale mass production of turbine blades, which reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% and emissions by 15% and more.