Break-through innovation: SyncroTherm®

The all new SyncroTherm® - unit from ALD Vacuum Technologies provides for the first time the complete and total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center. With this unit, the case hardening process is fully synchronized with the cycle of soft-machining, therefore allowing a continuous “One-Piece Flow”.

The case hardening process is drastically accelerated in the SyncroTherm® -unit,  so that the process matches the cycle-time of soft-machining. Instead of big batches with multiple layers, the components are treated in one layer only. These so called “2D-batches” guarantee a rapid and very homogenous heat treatment for all heat treatment steps such as austenitizing, carburizing and quenching. This homogenous treatment guarantees optimum reproducibility of the heat treat quality.

One Piece Flow – heat treatment: revolutionary new perspectives for manufacturing

Total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center results in dramatic cost reductions of component-manufacturing. The components are transported individually from each working-step to the next working-step following the “One Piece flow”-philosophy. A continuous product-flow is generated between soft-machining, heat treatment and hard-machining.

The result: the optimal synchronisation of the manufacturing production line.


Cost reductions, quality improvements and ecological benefits>

Advantages at a glance:

Cost reductions
• effective and economical production
• faster hardening synchronized with soft and hard machining
• reduced cycle times
• total automation
• drastically simplified logistics
• maximum availability
• less hard machining due to minimal part distortion
• compact and space saving heat treatment system

Quality improvements
• individual, parts specific processes for different parts
• reduction of part distortion
• complete quality documentation for each load
• high reproducibility through easy process control
• clean and shiny part surfaces


Environmental benefits
• low emission- technology
• Safe operation in the manufacturing work environment
• dry quenching without disposal of oils or washing liquids
• low consumptions of electrical energy and process gases
• high energy efficiency due to low thermal losses
• on-demand plant operation
• low noise emission (< 75 dB)
• no CO2 emissions

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