ALD VKPgr - Vacuum Sintering Plants for Dewaxing, Sintering and Overpressure Sintering

ALD Vacuum Technologies has developed and built sintering plants for hard metals, cermets and other PM-materials for more than 50 years. The use of the latest technologies results in the improved and lasting quality of the sintering products. Substantial savings in process time leads to much higher productivity and cost reduction.

Quality, which pays off

The technology of the vacuum sintering plant VKPgr is delivering an optimal performance .The results are clearly shown in improved material quality such as density, strength, durability and hardness of hard metals, meeting highest demands.

At one glance


The vacuum sintering plant ALD VKPgr consists of modular components to easily customize the plant exactly to the Buyer's requirements.

Prior to shipment, the plant is completely assembled and all functions are tested in detail. Therefore, assembly and commissioning at buyer's site can be performed within a very short time.

Continuous improvement leads to reduced production costs, improved operating efficiency and increased productivity with high environmental compatibility.

The different sizes and designs of equipment allow customizing of the Vacuum Sintering Plant ALD VKPgr to the specific sintering requirements and production capacity.

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