ModulTherm® - Flexible Vacuum Heat Treatment Systems for Ultimate Product Quality

New Technology with potential for the future

ALD Vacuum Technologies is the leading company in the field of vacuum case hardening. The combination of low pressure carburizing, dry gas quenching and heat treatment system, ModulTherm® is the preferred method for the heat treatment of new transmissions and nozzle injection systems in the automobile industry.

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Heating parts in vacuum prevents damaging oxidation which normally occurs in conventional process atmospheres. The oxygen content is lowered by evacuating the vessel, followed by heating under inert gas atmosphere. Low pressure carburizing produces ultimate product quality and reproducible results in a clearly shorter process. Subsequent gas quenching, optimized to meet the parts’ requirements leads to minimized distortion and reduces or even eliminates the need for subsequent machining.

The ModulTherm® technology is especially suited for

  • hardening,
  • tempering,
  • case hardening,
  • brazing,
  • sintering,
  • annealing

in temperatures of up to 1250 °C.

Linked Single-Chamber System

The heat treatment system ALD ModulTherm® consists of several separate treatment chambers which are arranged in a line. A mobile transport module, running on rails, functions as shuttle module and serves the treatment chambers. The shuttle module contains a transport chamber and a high pressure gas quench chamber, combined in one unit.

Production-integrated Heat Treatment Plants

The heat treatment system ALD ModulTherm® can be directly integrated into the mechanical production. There is no exposure of additional heat, exhaust gas or other harmful effects to the surrounding area of the plant. It is evident that the integration of heat treatment into production increases productivity. Today, many well-known manufacturers are using the new heat treatment technology successfully.

At one glance


The ModulTherm® system’s high production and process flexibility offers new means to customize production exactly to the respective requirements which lead to reduced production costs, improved operating efficiency as well as increased productivity, all in addition to high part quality and environmental compatibility. The modular design of the heat treatment system ALD ModulTherm® provides individual plants which meet the customer’s requirements. While in operation, the system can be equipped with additional treatment chambers and chambers can be switched off to accommodate fluctuating production capacity utilization.

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