Dual Therm with Oil Quench and Low Pressure (Vacuum) Carburising Furnace.

The dual chamber vacuum furnace type ALD DualTherm® with oil quenching and Low pressure - vacuum carburising facility is the environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional atmospheric multipurpose sealed quench furnace. It offers the same variety of technical processes and better part quality than the traditional sealed quench furnaces with shorter cycle time.This Double chamber vacuum carburising with Oil quench  is mainly used in the production of single parts such as gears, shafts , spindles and other transmission components in the automobile and aviation industry. Primary applications are:

  • Hardening
  • Annealing
  • Low pressure (Vacuum) Carburising
  • Tempering
  • Brazing


  • High plant availability.
  • Low maintenance costs and spare parts requirements.
  • Potential for high temperature during low pressure (vacuum) carburizing and therefore short process times.
  • Low gas consumption during case hardening.
  • Very high energy efficiency due low idle power.
  • No flame curtains or exhaust treatment (flames).
  • Minimal component distortion by VFD control agitators.
  • Flexible use for different processes.

Furnace Temperature : 1050 C
Furnace Vacuum Level : 10-2  mbar (Cold)
Carburising Medium : Acetylene ( Partial pressure 8-20 mbar)
Load Transfer : Walking Beam Mechanism

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ALD DualTherm® - Double Chamber Vacuum Furnace for flexible heat treatment

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