ALD DualTherm® –Dual Chamber Vacuum Furnace for Flexible Heat Treatment

ALD Vacuum Technologies has been building vacuum heat treatment plants for more than 40 years. The continuous development of vacuum heat treatment processes with high pressure gas quenching has been state-of-the-art in the field of single part and batch production. The ALD multi-chamber furnace type DualTherm® combines perfectly the vacuum furnace and cold quench chamber and is therefore the optimal solution to harden even low-alloyed steels successfully

Multifunctionality which pays off

The new dual chamber concept with cold quench chamber, ALD DualTherm® is based on the proven components also used in our ALD ModulTherm®. Therefore, the DualTherm® furnace offers the same advantages of batch production for the production of single parts with even higher flexibility.

  • Convective Heating
  • Cold Quench Chamber Technology
  • Reversed Gas Direction
  • Vacuum Carburization

The dual chamber vacuum furnace type ALD DualTherm® offers high flexibility and is mainly used in the production of single parts in the automobile and aviation industry as well as in the production of small batches in the tool industry. Primary applications are:

  • Hardening
  • Annealing
  • Casehardening
  • Tempering
  • Brazing
  • Sintering

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Heat treatment under vacuum excludes oxygen and therefore prevents damaging oxidation which occurs under process atmosphere. The parts are heated convectively. The subsequent high pressure gas quench process is tailored to the parts and this diminishes distortion and eliminates the need for some subsequent machining.

At one glance


The vacuum dual chamber furnace ALD DualTherm® offers all the possibilities of a heat treatment plant to customize production to the precise requirements of the parts with the following advantages:

  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional multi-purpose chamber furnace
  • Clean and bright parts, no subsequent cleaning
  • Clean working environment, no flame curtain, oil vapors, burn-off
  • Low gas and energy consumption
  • Simple integration into the production
  • Low maintenance
  • High reproducibility
  • Simple recipe control
  • Process variety

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ALD DualTherm® - Double Chamber Vacuum Furnace for flexible heat treatment

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