Vacuum Investment Casting (VIM-IC)

Cold Crucible Induction Melting and Casting

LEICOMELT® Furnaces System Design
When reactive materials such as titanium, zirconium, superconductors and hydrogen storage materials, shape memory alloys, magnets, intermetallic alloys and high temperature materials are to be processed with stringent requirements towards cleanliness and structural control, the cold crucible induction melting and casting method is the solution to overcome major limitations of the induction melting method with ceramic crucibles.

• The copper crucible avoids any contamination of the charge material;
• Electromagnetic stirring of the melt provides excellent thermal and chemical homogenization of the melt.

The cold wall induction crucible is made of a plurality of water-cooled copper segments that allows the induction field to couple and heat the charge material. The induction field creates a vigorously stirred melt throughout the entire melt time with excellent chemical and thermal homogenization. Because LEICOMELT® furnaces are basically induction melting furnaces, they can be charged with casting revert scrap, turnings and sponge rather then utilizing expensive round ingots. One of the salient features is the combination of the alloying itself and subsequent pouring in one temperature.

ALD is marketing LEICOMELT® furnaces with melt volumes within the range of some cubic centimeters up to 30 liters. Tilt pour and bottom-pouring systems are applied. Static and centrifugal investment molds or permanent molds made of special alloys complete the range of casting techniques.

1. Cold crucible, 2. LEICOMELT® – Three-Chamber Version, remote controlled, 3. Inspection of a titanium cold crucible


• Titanium golf club heads;
• Titanium aluminide automobile valves;
• Structural and engine parts (titanium castings) for the aerospace industry;
• Implants for human medicine;
• Hot-end turbo charger wheels;
• Production of reactive metal powders;
• Zirconium pump casings and valves for the chemical industry and offshore drilling.

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