1. Gas Buffer Tank

The nitrogen gas buffer tank serves as a supply vessel for the quenching gas and is filled from the customer's own gas supply. The storage capacity as well as the high tank pressure guarantees a rapid flooding of the evacuated furnace vessel to the requested quenching pressure.

Storage  capacity                    2- 6      Meter  3 

Storage Pressure                    25-40   bar pe

The following accessory parts are supplied along with the gas buffer tank

  • safety valve
  • pressure gauge
  • design and pressure certificate according to the regulations ASME

A manhole is provided for easy access of the storage tank. The tank is placed vertically on the provided feet on a level floor and has to be set up near the furnace.


 2. Closed loop water cooling System

The cooling water recooling plant supplies the furnace with the necessary cooling water at required flow for the operation of the plant.

The offered system is a two-circuit plant. The primary circuit is a virtually closed loop, supplying the furnace with cooling water. It is recooled by a plate heat exchanger. The secondary circuit is an open system recooling the plate heat exchanger via an evaporation cooling tower.

The primary circuit for furnace cooling consists of:

  • 1x cooling water tank
  • 1x pump for rapid cooling during the quench process
  • 2x pump for normal cooling of the furnace (1 pump serves as redundant pump)

The secondary circuit consists of:

  • 1x evaporation cooling tower with dual speed fan motor
  • 1x cooling tower tank
  • 1x plate heat exchanger


3. Battery Operated Loading Car

For Loading and unloading of the charge in to furnace, Automatic battery operated loading car of suitable capacity is provided.

Silent Features

  • Lift electro-hydraulic
  • High capacity hydraulic systems
  • Compact geared drive mechanism
  • with Impulse control
  • Polyurethane drive wheels
  • Overload protection
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Operating hours counter

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