A Young Company with a Past

At the beginning of ALD's corporate history were two great entrepreneurs of vacuum technology: Wilhelm Carl Heraeus (1827-1904) and Ernst Leybold (1824-1907). They founded the two companies from which ALD emerged.

Here's a brief historical review:

The family company, E. Leybold, was founded in "Cöln".
The family company, W. C. Heraeus, was formed in Hanau.
The company Degussa is founded in Frankfurt.
Independently of one another, the two companies make the breakthrough into industrial vacuum engineering. Leybold develops vacuum pumps.
These include the first molecular pump in 1911 and the first diffusion pump in 1913. They blaze a trail for subsequent development throughout vacuum technology. During this period, W.C. Heraeus produces the first alloys under vacuum.
From the cyanide salts required for the sheath process of precious metals, the heat treatment technique developed in molten salts. In the department Durferrit these salts are produced, Degussa manufactures furnaces ovens.
Together with Degussa AG and Metallgesellschaft AG founds Leybold Leybold High Vacuum Systems GmbH.
First shaft furnace for carburizing produced by Degussa-industrial furnaces.
First vacuum annealing furnace manufactured by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
Fourteen years later, WC Heraeus founded in the field of vacuum technology in the high vacuum Heraeus GmbH. Then two companies merge to Leybold-Heraeus GmbH.
First multi-purpose chamber furnace made of case hardening by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
First pass sintering furnace prepared for uranium oxide fuel elements by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
First vacuum sintering furnace for hard metals by the Degussa-Industrieofenbau made .
First pass sintering furnace for mixed-oxide fuel (uranium and plutonium) produced by Degussa-industrial furnaces.
First vacuum chamber furnace prepared for tool hardening with 6 bar overpressure by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
Construction of the first 60 bars Sintered - HIP furnace for the manufacture of hard metal components by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
First vacuum chamber furnace for curing medium - made alloy steels with 20 bar pressure using helium by the Degussa-industrial furnaces.
Merger of Degussa business units Industrial Furnaces and Durferrit process and the range of vacuum metallurgy / industrial plant in the company Leybold Durferrit GmbH.
From the joint venture Leybold-Durferrit GmbH ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, which developed as the third technological pillar, the vacuum thermal recycling occurs.

Restructuring of product lines, ALD focuses on the vacuum-based processing techniques. Introduction and expansion of vacuum thermal recycling techniques that are later awarded the Philip Morris price.
Construction of the first "cold quenching" with a quenching pressure up to 40 bar and the use of helium for hardening of low alloy steels.
For this innovation, ALD receives the 1996 Philip Morris Research Prize. This significant technical achievement was recently described in a book by Herbert Henzler and Lothar Späth.
The 100 per cent takeover of ALD by a U.S. company, Safeguard International Fund L.P., provides crucial momentum for the expansion of ALD's corporate strategy which is implemented step by step in the years to follow.
Construction of the first two-chamber furnace for hardening with propane and helium.
Construction of the first two-chamber furnace for hardening with propane and helium.
Unique technological acumen and long-standing market experience enable ALD to position itself in the vanguard of development in promising fields of future growth
Foundation of ALD Lindgren in Toronto, Canada
Foundation of Thermal Treatment, Inc., Columbia, South Carolina
Foundation of liaison office in Shanghai
ALD made the agreement for the construction of a heat treatment center in Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Building the first furnace type ModulTherm Licenseagreemant with Yangcheng Fengdong intensivies business on the Chinese market.
Cooperation agreement for the northamerican market with AFC Holcroft Cooperation for "Sprühformanlagen" with Osprey
License agreement with Daido Steel Japan
Foundation of ALD TT Port Huron Foundation of the joint venture ALD Holcroft together with the american company AFC Holcroft
Start of production at TT ALD Port Huron.
Foundation of ALD Tratamientos Termicos S.A. de C.V., in Ramos, Mexico Aquiring the former production facilities of CNH in Berlin(http://www.ald-imp.de)
Interest in the company ALD Vacuum Technologies India, Bombay and adoption of Mono 2TM technology from BP Solar.
ALD-C&K Vacuum Technologies Co., Ltd. is founded in Suzhou as a joint venture between ALD and C&K (China) Co., Ltd. from Hong Kong.

ALD acquires all shares of Dynatech Furnaces and names the company ALD Vacuum Technologies India Pvt. Ltd..

ALD opens a branch in Moscow, Russia and Bangkok, Thailand.
ALD founds the Russian company ALD Vacuum Technologies OOO in Moscow.

ALD France is founded as a merger of FNAG and Thermique Industrie Vide SAS (TIV).

ALD acquires the remaining 50 % of the joint venture ALD Holcroft and rebrands it ALD Vacuum Systems.

ALD moves into new headquarters with offices and production halls at Otto-von-Guericke-Platz 1 in Hanau.

A new storage and shipping building is put into operation at headquarters, centralizing all ALD business areas on one site for the first time.